What to Do When a Loved One Dies

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The death of a loved one is a nightmare scenario for everybody. There’s little one can do to prepare for someone’s death, especially if it happens suddenly and unexpectedly. It is important to be prepared for what comes next. After someone close to you passes away, there are several steps that need to be taken to ensure that the immediate aftermath is handled properly. It’s important to provide proper closure for others who are grieving the same passing. There will be certain tasks that need to be handled in the right fashion to make sure no other issues come up after your loved one’s death. Here is a brief checklist of steps to take if you’re unsure what to do in the immediate aftermath of a loved one’s death:

1. Contact the authorities

This is absolutely the first thing you should do if you happen to be there when the death occurs. The medical team that arrives will handle all the necessary steps in the immediate aftermath. This also ensures the legal pronunciation of death. If the death happens in a caregiving facility like a hospital or nursing home, the staff on hand will take care of this. If your loved one was receiving hospice care and died at home, make sure to contact the hospice agency if they aren’t already there.

2. Arrange for organ donation

You’ll have to check the driver’s license or other applicable legal documents of your loved one to determine if he or she was an organ donor. This needs to be determined immediately because the preservation of tissues and organs is time sensitive.



3. Give us a call

We will make the arrangements to come and remove the body, and put your loved one into our care.  Then you can start making the arraganemetns that will be necessary.

4.  Let friends and familiy know

 It is time to let friends and family know of the passing of a loved one.  It is imortant to let everyone know.  This way everyone getting together to help determine next steps like the funeral arranements and burial services. 

5.  Making the Funeral Arrangements 

Prepare for the funerThe right way to say goodbye to a loved one is with a funeral or burial service. A funeral home will help with the arrangements for that. The funeral home will follow the wishes of the deceased or his or her family when it comes to creating the right funeral, burial, or cremation service. The funeral home will also help you draft the obituary. If you haven’t made previous arrangements with a funeral home, you can call Valley Memorial Park for the care you need. We will help you create a meaningful ceremony that follows your wishes and allows you to say goodbye the way you want. We offer customized services with help from a caring staff. Call our funeral home today in Novato, CA.

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